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Upcoming Event:
EAS General Meeting

Date and Time:
Sat, Nov 7
7:30 pm

Chabot Space &
Science Center
Tien Megadome Theater
Chabot Space & Science Center

EAS Members
Terry Galloway
Dave Rodrigues
Fred Schumacher

How Chabot Observatory and the EAS saved
Apollo 13

Dinner with the Speaker
Meet and chat with the speakers before the meeting! Hunan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, 4100 Redwood Rd, 5:30pm. No need to register - just show up!


moon phases


To raise the funds needed to restore the
Zeiss Universarium planetarium projector
located at the
Chabot Space & Science Center

Phase 1 of our Save the Zeiss Campaign will raise $25,000 for a diagnostic survey to assess the current condition of the projector and determine what must be done to restore the Zeiss. There are only three of these magnificent projectors operating in the U.S. This Zeiss would be the fourth and only one in the Northwest. Combined with the three telescopes, a functional Zeiss projector will provide a "second sky" for nights when the telescopes are unavailable for use as well as one of the finest planetarium experiences in the world.

For full details of our crowd-funding campaign please visit

Or, if you're ready to go, begin the donation process here:


You'll be glad you did!

PS: Please spread this message to everyone you know
We want to reach our goal before December 31st.

The Saturday, November 7, 7:30pm General Meeting of the EAS
will be held in the Tien Megadome Theater

How Chabot Observatory and the EAS Saved Apollo 13

  • The date for the October General Club Meeting was incorrect! The correct meeting date is Saturday, October 17. Please make a note of it.
  • Also, October is EAS Membership Renewal Month. We thank you for your generous support, and hope you will continue to support our club by renewing your membership.
  • We are now accepting reservations for Barcroft 2016. For full info on the 2016 Barcroft High Altitude Star Party, click here.


Looking due east from Barcroft: Zodiacal Light center-left, Orion center-right, Taurus upper-center-right, Las Vegas light dome lower-right, Gemini lower-center-left, Auriga upper-center-left. Image by Carter Roberts

The sign-up period for this year's event is now closed.

Try again next year!

The Eastbay Astronomical Society
91st Annual Awards Dinner
Sunday, March 15
Kepler and Copernicus Rooms
2nd Floor, Dellums Bldg
Chabot Space & Science Center

Our event was great! We successfully honored our best and brightest, heard the latest in astronomical research, and ate, drank and made merry with our fellow amateur astronomers!

Our keynote speaker was Dr. Imke de Pater, Professor of Astronomy at one of the finest institutions of higher learning in the world, University of California, Berkeley! The topic of her talk was:

What Wonderful Worlds: Exploring Our Solar System

We used our usual caterer (The Carvery, aka Harry's Hoffbrau)

Buffet Menu
Oven Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef & Ham
Served Hot and Carved to Order
Roated Red Potatoes
Steamed Vegetables
Spinach Lasagna
Garden Green Salad with assorted Dressing
Pesto Penne Pasta Salad
Three Bean Salad
Assorted Dinner Roll with Butter
Fresh Brewed Coffee
White 10" China Plates and Stainless Steel Flatware
Decorated Buffet and Beverage Table
Linen Napkin for each guest

It was great to see you there!

Newsletter From White Mountain Research Station

Every year, we rent time up at the Barcroft High Altitude Research Station in the White Mountains to provide our members with an opportunity to gain access to "research-grade" night skies. Well, they have begun publishing their own newsletter, and you can view it here. It's full of info about the three facilities they make available, one of which is Barcroft, and it's chock-full of interesting stuff about these sites. Check it out!


EAS member Gerald McKeegan got interviewed by radio talkshow host Gil Gross on 910AM KKSF about the possibility of asteroid impacts and what we're doing about it. Listen to the interview online here.

Big Astro Events for 2014

Go to our What's Up link to see details for another total lunar eclipse, and
a partial solar eclipse, both in the month of October!

Members Gerald McKeegan and Ken Swagerty were both interviewed in an NBC TV news clip on the total lunar eclipse on Apr 15, 2014


Members Don Saito and Rich Ozer are in a video clip about sidewalk astronomy at the Exploratorium website.

Eastbay Astronomical Society
90th Annual Awards Dinner
Sunday, March 16, 2014

This year's event is now over. We had a wonderful time, eating lots of great food, listening to our keynote speaker Dr. Gibor Basri, an EAS member, UC Berkeley professor, and Kepler mission scientist who brought us up-to-date on the latest exoplanet discoveries by NASA's Kepler mission, and we awarded our Helen Pillans Awardee this year is
Steve Berl
for his tireless efforts to bring the club's industrial-quality machine lathe back to full functionality.

What's Up page updated for the new month and New Year
Check it out! (Click the What's Up link to the upper-left.) There's all kinds of great info about the month's lunar phases, where to look for the planets throughout the year, upcoming meteor showers, and lunar conjunctions!

Cool new video advocating dark skies
Take a look at this, and feel free to point it out to as many others as possible, through newspaper editorials, websites, emails, tweets, etc. Light pollution is harmful to the natural balance of the world's eco-system. Seeing as we humans are a part of that system, it would behoove us to make it right, so Click here.

Barcroft 2013
NOTE: The cutoff date for signing-up (Aug 20) has passed. Better luck next year! Just FYI: We got four people who will stay the full 5 nights, two people who will stay two nights, and two more people who will stay one night. We will have a feature story on the event (hopefully) for the October 2013 issue of the club newsletter, The Refractor. How nice!
Join us now on Facebook
Thanks to the industriousness of new EAS board member David Prosper, the EAS now has a presence on Facebook! Check it out here.

What's Up is updated
Check it out for a useful summary of 'what's up' for the entire year, including the current month's lunar phases, when the planets are visible, which meteor showers will be good for the year, and when this year's new moons occur. Click to it and check it out!

EAS Loaner Scope Program
Telescopes available for rental by EAS members

60mm & 80mm refractors, C90 Maksutov-Cassegrain, 2 - 10 inch Dobsonians,
4 & 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrains

Scope rental is $15 a month with a $50 deposit.

If you rent a scope and bring it to EAS outreach programs, monthly rent is waived - a good deal!

For information, contact Barry Leska by E-mail at b.leska@comcast.net

EAS Library Hours

3:00pm to 7:00pm every Friday &
Immediately after month EAS lecture meetings

Library is located on the second floor of the Dellums Building, down the the hall next to the interactive lunar lander exhibit.

Volunteer librarians are needed to expand library hours, if you'd like to help, contact Don Saito at donsaito@yahoo.com