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AstronomyOutreach Network Announces 2nd Annual Outreach AstroOscars

The Astronomy Outreach Network today announced the recipients of its 2nd Annual Outreach Awards, given for extraordinary efforts to promote astronomy. These AstroOscars were awarded at the Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys on February 11, 2005 and will be presented on an annual basis at the Winter Star Party:

Astronomy magazine-For support of the amateur astronomy community as well as establishment of National Astronomy Day activities through venues such as museums/science centers, observatories, and planetaria.

Sky & Telescope magazine-For support of the amateur astronomy community as well as National Astronomy Day activities with the Astronomical League and hundreds of clubs on an annual basis.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific-For establishment of astronomy outreach programs and recognition as well as programs such as Project ASTRO and Family ASTRO.

Eastbay Astronomical Society-Founded at Oakland's (CA) Chabot Observatory in 1924, the EAS has supported Chabot and its programs throughout the decades. Its Telescope Maker's Workshop, started in 1930, is one of the oldest continuous TMW's in the United States.

The Outreach Awards Selection Committee was again chaired by Dr. Mike Reynolds (College astronomy professor, Executive Director Emeritus of the Chabot Space & Science Center and author), and also included Tippy D'Auria (Founder of the Winter Star Party and renown lecturer), Steve Edberg (Director of the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, author, and JPL staffer), and Scott Roberts (AstronomyOutreach Network founder). The awards were generously sponsored by Craig Weatherwax and Oceanside Photo and Telescope.

The AstronomyOutreach Network was created four years ago as a channel for interacting with the community and to practice outreach. The website offers the visitor information and contacts in astronomy, spotlighting those who do outreach, a news service with a java script news feed for web developers interested in offering astronomy and space-related news.

While there are many astronomy and space exploration sites on the web, there seemed to be few that spotlight the people and organizations who do outreach in astronomy and space exploration. There are also so many of those engaged in this endeavor that did not have a platform or a home to make them known to the general public. This was the primary reason to initiate the AstronomyOutreach network.

For more information on AstronomyOutreach: www.astronomyoutreach.net

For More Information about the 2005 AstronomyOutreach Outreach Awards, contact:
Dr. Mike Reynolds
2004 Outreach Awards Chair
2347 Foxhaven Drive West
Jacksonville FL 32224
(904) 221-6704
Mobile (904) 424-2187

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