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Upcoming Event:
EAS 2017
Annual Awards Dinner

Date and Time:
Sun, March 5
5 :30pm

Chabot Space & Science Center
Astronomy Hall

Dr. Chris McKay,
Senior Scientist
Space Science & Astrobiology at

Search for a second genesis of life in the Ocean Worlds in the outer Solar System

Dinner with the Speaker
This month, the dinner with the speaker will be at the Annual Awards Dinner.


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2017 Annual Awards Dinner
Sunday, March 5, 5:30pm
Astronomy Hall
Chabot Space & Science Center

Our speaker will be Dr. Chris McKay, Senior Scientist from NASA/Ames' Space Science & Astrobiology Department who will talk about our search for life in the ocean moons of the Outer Solar System!

Reserve your spot by clicking the button below, or send a check to EAS, PO Box 18635, Oakland, CA, 94619-0635. Price is $35 per seat.

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2017 What's Up
has been updated for the year!

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Sun, Sep17 - Fri, Sep 22 (leave by noon of Sat Sep 23)
(New moon on Tue Sep 19)

The sign-up period for this year's event is now OPEN.

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Newsletter From White Mountain Research Station

Every year, we rent time up at the Barcroft High Altitude Research Station in the White Mountains to provide our members with an opportunity to gain access to "research-grade" night skies. Well, they have begun publishing their own newsletters, and you can view them here. It's full of info about the three facilities they make available, one of which is Barcroft, and it's chock-full of interesting stuff about these sites. Check it out!

EAS Loaner Scope Program
Telescopes available for rental by EAS members

60mm & 80mm refractors, C90 Maksutov-Cassegrain, 2 - 10 inch Dobsonians,
4 & 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrains

Scope rental is $15 a month with a $50 deposit.

If you rent a scope and bring it to EAS outreach programs, monthly rent is waived - a good deal!

For information, contact Barry Leska by E-mail at b.leska@comcast.net

EAS Library Hours

Currently open from 7pm to 10pm every Friday evening.

Please enter through the Telescope Maker’s Workshop at the first loading dock entrance. The Library is also open by appointment: Please call 1-510-336-7438 and leave a message.

Library is located on the second floor of the Dellums Building, down the hall next to the interactive lunar lander exhibit.

Volunteer librarians are needed to expand library hours, if you'd like to help, contact EAS Librarian Deborah Gomez at dgomezcsbo@gmail.com