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Eastbay Astronomical Society

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Benefits of membership:

  • Monthly newsletter, The Refractor, with interesting articles on currently visible constellations, upcoming lectures, club events, stories, equipment reviews, local news, and more.
  • Monthly meetings with featured guest speakers on all subjects from Astronauts to Zooming telescope eyepieces; from finding deep-sky objects, to planetary geology. Every and any thing having to do with astronomy, telescopes, and the space sciences. All that, and cookies and sodas, too!
  • Members-Only view nights up at Chabot's large telescopes. Avoid the Friday/Saturday public viewing night crowds! Because there are fewer people, we can pick and choose our objects, and even take requests. Galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, planets, the Moon, comets, double-stars, and whatever else is up! Bring your own equipment, too. We offer all sorts of help and advice on finding those elusive "faint fuzzies," and can help you with everything from constellations to computerized telescopes.
  • Yearly events: The Annual EAS Awards Dinner, Bort Meadow star party (just the other side of the Eastbay hills), the White Mountains Barcroft Station high-altitude star party high above the Owens Valley, and Potluck Holiday Party in December.
  • Interested EAS members can get trained as volunteers to operate the big telescopes (Leah [8"], Rachel [20"], and Nellie [36"]) for public viewing events. Experience the thrill of actually working with research-grade telescopes!
  • Telescope Makers' Workshop. Friday evenings from 7-10 pm, hosted by Chabot, and operated by the EAS. Aside from the cost of the mirror and "tool," we will provide, FREE, all the instruction and supplies you need to make your own telescope mirror for less than half the cost of a store-bought one, that will likely be optically superior!
  • Advanced Astro-research Groups using Chabot's large telescopes. Join a group to fit your particular astro-interest such as CCD or Film Astrophotography, Variable Stars, Solar, Seismological, Extra-Solar Planets, Occultations, Radio Astronomy, and more.
  • Get discount rates for Astronomy and/or Sky & Telescope magazine subscriptions. (Save $7 over regular yearly subscription rates for Astronomy magazine, and nearly $13 for Sky & Telescope!)

  • Various discounts to items in the catalogs of Sky & Telescope, and the Astronomical League.

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