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Bill Drelling

Paul Hoy and I took this image using my Meade DSI Pro CCD camera using the 20" refractor Rachel on 2/7/06; it was set to about 1200x magnification. Paul reprocessed the image to make it appear more natural. We took the shot after completing our measurements of Algol's light curve with Terry Galloway.

The following nine pictures are astrophotos I took at the Texas Star Party this year--during the last week of April, 2006. The photos were taken through my new Takahashi FSQ (f/5 530mm focal length) while it was mounted piggyback on my meade 8" LX200GPS. Guiding was with an SBIG STV through the 8". The camera was a manual Nikon FM10 using Fuji Provia 400 Color Slide film:

Image 1: Centaurus A (30 minute exposure)

Image 2: Galaxy field in Leo

Image 3: Same galaxy field as above, with labels

Image 4: The Inkspot and star cluster NGC6520 (Full framed and hi-resolution--no time recorded)

Image 5: Zoomed in to Ink Spot and star cluster

Image 6: Trifid (M20) & Lagoon (M8) 20 minute long exposure

Image 7: Omega Centauri (5 minute long exposure)

Image 8: B72 the Snake Nebula (30 minutes)

Image 9: Star trails (2 hour long exposure on a tripod)

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