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Chabot Space and Science Center and
Eastbay Astronomical Society timeline

Compiled by Carter Roberts and Don Stone

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26 Sep 1892
First post-reconstruction visitors logged in guest register.
31 Oct 1892
Formal reopening of Observatory.
Oct 1893

Weber & Co. of San Francisco builds observers chair.

Mr. William M. Pierson donates Pierson eclipse telescope to Chabot Obseratory.
28 May 1896
Burckhalter sails from San Francisco for Yokohama on S.S. Belgic for total solar eclipse of 9 Aug 1896 (clouded out).
Burckhalter convinces Ex-mayor Dr. George C. Pardee to donate a duplicate lens to that of the Pierson. This one was also made by Brashear. Burckhalter made a new equatorial mount of novel design to hold the two telescopes. In India the Pardee will be used for normal shots, the Pierson with a radial gradient device developed by Burckhalter. (Oakland Enquirer, 29 Dec. 1898.)
30 Oct 1897
Burckhalter sails from San Francisco for Hong Kong on S.S. Belgic for total solar eclipse of 22 January 1898 which he observed from Jeur India. The trip was financed by William Pierson of San Francisco. The only American parties to go were from Chabot and Lick Observatories.
Aug 1899
Some councilmen propose to pay CB with money from Chabot endowment fund.

Proposal to move Observatory to west to make room for a library.

28 May 1900
Total Solar eclipse in Georgia. Chabot Observatory-Dolbeer Eclipse Expedition goes to Siloam, Georgia where excellent photographs were obtained. (Burckhalter left Chabot Observatory on 24 April, and stayed at Siloam, Georgia for 5 weeks.)
Rear of Observatory rebuilt and auditorium added.
24 Nov 1900
Burckhalter gives account of eclipse expedition and his new method of eclipse photography to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
20 Feb 1901
Opening of Common School Assembly Hall (new auditorium for Chabot, seats 570) lecture by W.W. Campbell.
Aug 1904
EGL arrives in Oakland.
18 Apr 1906
San Francisco Earthquake recorded at Chabot.
21 Apr 1906
Burckhalter appointed to State Earthquake Investigation Committee by Governor George C. Pardee (of Pardee eclipse camera fame).
09 Oct 1913
Date on Rachel's (20-inch telescope) pier; significance unknown. (CB, in a letter written a year later tells what is desired on the side of the telescope. He gives this date.)
21 Oct 1913
CB observes Jupiter without moons.
27 Oct 1913
Oakland Board of Education approves concept of relocating the Observatory and the purchase of a larger telescope.

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