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Chabot Space and Science Center and
Eastbay Astronomical Society timeline

Compiled by Carter Roberts and Don Stone

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24 Apr 1938
Work begun on spectrohelioscope.
13 Oct 1938
Goose Lake (originally caled Poison Springs) Meteorite discovered about 2 miles south of Oregon border by three hunters, one of whom had learned about meteorites from Linsley.
29 Apr 1939
Search party led by E.G. Linsley and H.H. Ninniger relocate meteorite.
04 May 1939
Meteorite finally excavated using equipment from Chevron Oil Co. It arrives at Chabot at 2 A.M. on 6 May on way to Golden Gate International Exposition. Weighs in at 2573 pounds. It was exhibited for a week then on Monday taken to the U.C. exhibit in the Science Bldg. at the Golden Gate International Exposition until December.
Sep 1939
Domes painted as a WPA project. Al Leach Sr. added diaphragms to Rachel.
Summer 1941
Seismograph added. (There had been one at a time of 1906 EQ).
Jan 1942
Letter from C.A. Federer Jr. to EGL that EAA will probably be west coast headquarters of Amateur Astronomers League of America.
09 Jun 1945
Sun Day is celebrated; solar viewing through Leah and daytime planet viewing through Rachel.
Feb 1946

John Westfall becomes youngest EAA member at age of 7.

02 Nov 1946
EAA votes to join Amateur Astronomers League.
13 Jun 1947
Effective date of Earle G. Linsley's retirement, Chabot Observatory closed. (School groups continue to come on Tuesday afternoon.)
07 Aug 1947
Bd of Ed resolution #6154 willingness to turn over Observatory to Park Dept.
Science Supervisor Edna Hansen and Maurice Phelan give programs for school groups two nights a week.
07 Nov 1947
Superintendent Dr. Odell gives approval for continued use by EAA as in the past and for an annual convention.
Nov 1947
City Attorney decides that Observatory cannot be transferred.
06 Dec 1947
Public program.
13 Dec 1947
EAA has first public night since Observatory closed. 200 people attend. Linsley gives his lecture twice.
17 Apr 1948
EAA withdraws from AL effective 18 June.
17 Apr 1948
OPS starts solar laboratory and solar system classes under Mrs. A.S. (Natalie) Leonard.
Parts of spectrohelioscope sold.

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