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Chabot Space and Science Center and
Eastbay Astronomical Society timeline

Compiled by Carter Roberts and Don Stone

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16 Jul 1948
City Attorney advises City Council that Chabot Observatory may be operated by the City only by court decree since the Observatory was given to the Bd of Ed as a trust. (A trust which defaults to the City in event Bd of Ed defaults on trust obligation.)
Sep 1948
to Oct 31, 1959, evening programs for Oakland classes continue with Phelan as coordinator, assisted by Kingsley Wightman.
15 Oct 1948
Library, Parks and Recreation departments all interested in running Observatory if the City will provide funds.
Jan 1949
Future of Chabot still undecided.
02 Apr 1949
EAA Board votes to incorporate.
13 May 1949
EAA formally incorporated; name changed to Eastbay Astronomical Society. (IRS recognizes this Sept 1985.)
Apr 1950
Kingsley W. Wightman joins EAS.
1950 - 1951
6,360 visited Observatory.

11,501 visited Observatory, Maurice Phelan is teacher in charge.

Jan 1952
At request of Walter C. Marion, assisted by Frank Kelly, Oakland Bd of Ed grants request by EAS to service telescopes.
09 Jan 1953
Telescope Makers begin regular meetings at Merritt Business School.
01 May 1954
Burns Memorial Library established to honor the deceased Archibald E. Burns, a former Treasurer of the EAS who died Oct 1953.
Sep? 1955
Wm. Livingston has taken over Chabot Saturday classes.
May 1957
Moonwatch program open-house, 200 attend.
04 Oct 1957
Sputnik launched.
01 Feb 1958
Burns relcoated from main Chabot Library to room opposite 8" dome.
01 Nov 1959
Kingsley Wightman becomes coordinator of night programs.
Fall 1960
Classes begin in new Physics Lab.
Apr 1963
Chet Smith Donates 9.5-inch refractor to EAS; valued at $15,000.
07 May 1963
Bd of Ed approved plans for planetarium. Planetarium project was initiated by Joseph Conley, Sr. of the east Oakland Rotary Club.
Jun 1963
9.5-inch John Mellish-Chet Smith telescope dismantled and stored.
20 Mar 1964
Ground broken for planetarium. North Oakland, Oakland, East Oakland and Piedmont Rotary Clubs have donted more than $16,000 for the project to match half the cost of the instrument which will come from a federal (National Defense Education Act) grant. The building and other equipment to be provided by OPS. Building designed by Van Bourg, Nakamura and Associates, cost $82,073.96. Kngsley Wightman, a science teacher at Lowell Junior High School will be in charge of the planetarium.

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