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Chabot Space and Science Center and
Eastbay Astronomical Society timeline

Compiled by Carter Roberts and Don Stone

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18 Oct 1976
After considering 5 sites, Site Planning Committee reaches a concensus to relocate to higher of two sites in Joaquin Miller Park. (At this time the site included land that is part of the archery range in Redwood Regional Park.)
Feb 1977
Stepper motor drive has been added to 8-inch telescope.
30 Jun 1977
Last date that state law permits Observatory building to be used by school groups.
01 Jul 1977
Observatory closed to all but staff and registered volunteers becasue of earthquake hazard.
28 Jul 1977
Bd of Ed votes to reopen observatory.
Nov 1977
During the last Board meeting the new site was discussed and it is finally getting down to choosing an architect. (EAS Bulletin.)
Sep 1978
Note in EAS Bulletin: That the EAS has made 4.5% of all occultation observations in world for 1977 and 8.5% nationally.
19 Apr 1979
Plans for relocation started in motion at Bd of Ed meeting.
16 Jan 1980

OPS resolution #28822 authorizes EAS to accept donations for relocation.

19 Feb 1980
East Bay Regional Parks District gives approval for relocation next to Archery Range.
11 Feb 1981
OPS resolution #29353 authorizes acquiring encroachment permit from EBRPD for site survey and geologic investigations. They also authorized Woodward-Clyde to do preliminary geologic investigation at a fee not to exceed $2,500.
26 Mar 1981
Woodward-Clyde submits Phase I geologic report of new site.
09 Dec 1981
Woodward-Clyde submits Phase II geologic report of new site.
Jan 1982
It is decided that the relocation will not need any property in Contra Costa County.
10 Mar 1982
Dale Koistinen joins Chabot as physics teacher.
Jul-Aug 1982
Topographic map of new site prepared by Carter Roberts and other EAS volunteers.
21 May 1983
Chabot Observatory celebrates 100th Anniversary with celebrations on front steps of observatory.
Apr 1985
On Astronomy Day, the EAS establishes the Gift Shoppe.
Aug 1986
Kingsley Wightman demoted to teacher. Odie Cook put in charge.
10 Oct 1986
EAS Board approves idea of operating foundation for new site.
06 Nov 1986
First meeting of City of Oakland/OPS committee re relocation.

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