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Chabot Space and Science Center and
Eastbay Astronomical Society timeline

Compiled by Carter Roberts and Don Stone

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10 Dec 1986
Letter from Continental Pacific Design that site is suitable.
06 Feb 1987
New Chabot Science Center Program Subcommittee meets to define mission and program opportunites for the new center.
07 Nov 1987
Dr. Michael Reynolds speaks to the EAS about the NASA Teacher-in-Space Program.
16 Nov 1987
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific decides not to participate in new Chabot.

Tom Martin oversees major restoration effort on Chabot telescopes that culminates with removal of Rachel's lens for first time in 30 years; lens cleaned, tested and restored to best optical alignment, and both telescopes are painted. All finders are cleaned as is Leah's brass tailpiece. The EAS raised the money to cover all costs related to this project. (Lens taken to Tinsley Lab in Richmond on 3 Dec 88.)

17 Apr 1988
Rachel painted Fawn by Tom Martin and Don Stone, Leah painted Clear Sky by Carter Roberts.
07 Jun 1988
Kingsley Wightman retires from OUSD, begins working under contract with EAS.
04 Nov 1988
EAS sponsors retirement party for Kingsley Wightman in big dome. Bd of Ed member Pat Monson makes presentations from City and OPS. Superintendent Coto speaks.
07 Apr 1989

EAS becomes first organization to officially bless the final version of the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA).

02 May 1989
East Bay Regional Park District gives unanimous approval and Oakland City Council unanimously gives approval of Joint Powers Agreement setting up agency to build and operate new Chabot Observatory and Science Center.
10 May 1989
Oakland Bd of Ed unanimously approves JPA.
26 May 1989
Final signatures on JPA.
28 Feb 1991
Deadline for application submissions for position of COSC Executive Director.
09 Mar 1991
Open house and party to celebrate 75 years of Rachel and Chabot Observatory at Mountin Blvd. site.
30 Jun 1991
EAS/OPS contract expires again. OPS will not renew.
23 Sep 1991
Dr. Michael D. Reynolds begins work as first Executive Director of Chabot Observatory and Science Center.
04 Oct 1991
COSC solicits architectural firms to prepare master plan.
20 Oct 1991
Massive fire in hills of Oakland and Berkeley destroys almost 3,000 homes.

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