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Contractor Position Duties and Responsibilities: Reading scripts in a timely manner; work with writers who have little background or understanding of astronomy-related concepts, helping them to incorporate these concepts into video scripts; writing background materials that will be used to assist writers in script and manual development; other duties as assigned; available to contract full time for up to two years

Training: Masters' or PhD in Astronomy, Astrobiology, Astrophysics, Planetary Science or related field; Science Education and training in pedagogically relevant theory; knowledge of the National Science Education Standards; excellent Internet research skills and knowledge of astronomy websites useful for teachers

Experience: Teaching/research or knowledge and/or experience in Science Education for children at the elementary school level in science, astronomy, planetary science or related field; understanding of the pedagogy and appropriate capabilities for children, particularly ages 4-8; additionally helpful is any experience in developing children's science curriculum, videos or books in science, preferably experience with script development and idea generation

Skills: Ability to work as part of a team is particularly important; excellent reading and writing skills; ability to take scientific ideas and conceptualize them as entertainment and learning combined; a sense of humor; an understanding of developmental theories of learning and the skills and abilities appropriate at various age levels

Description of the company: Zula USA is a company located in Burbank, CA, that develops animation and writes scripts for the production of an animated film series called The Zula Patrol that will be aired on Public Broadcast Stations in September of 2005. The Zula Patrol teaches children ages 4-8 about science and particularly astronomy, math, reading and social skills such as learning to work together or solving problems.

Zula is a company that supports and encourages equal opportunity in employment.

Contact: Please send a recent resume and cover letter to:

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