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A call to aid

The Bracewell Radio Astronomy Observatory consists of five 60-foot diameter dish antennas that can produce high resolution image maps of the sky at a wavelength of 2.8 cm. The array was built by Stanford Professor Ronald N. Bracewell at a cost of $2 million dollars ($10.5 million in 2005 dollars). Both extragalactic and solar activity observations were conducted until 1979, when the array was turned off due to lack of funds.

Recent inspections reveal that the observatory is intact, and can be restored to operation for a small fraction of its original cost.

To date, 60 volunteers have signed up to help us carry out the actual work, but we have to demonstrate to the Dean that the project will have sufficient financial backing, on the order of $530,000 to cover the first 3 years for the planned restoration, maintenance, and observatory operating costs.

If you personally know anyone you can introduce us to who may be interested in helping to underwrite the observatory rescue effort, please contact:

Bob Lash, M.D.
Friends of the Bracewell Observatory Association (FBOA)

Additional information and photos are at:

FBOA is a non-profit 510(c)(3) organization.

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