The Eastbay Astronomical Society partners with schools, libraries, Scouting groups, and S.T.E.M. organizers for evening star parties and other Outreach events.  Our experienced astronomy volunteers bring out telescopes and other equipment, sharing close-up views of the moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies.  We seek to provide a unique and inspiring experience of the night sky!

To arrange an astronomy event with EAS, contact Raymond Howard at .  Events are always free of charge, and of course weather dependent.  Also contact Raymond if you’re an EAS member who would like to get involved.  No obligation to participate, and no equipment needed.  Already on the volunteer list?  Stay tuned for requests!

Join us for these upcoming events:

Thursday Feb 7th, star party event at Cottonwood Creek School in Dublin.  (Feb 21st backup date).  5:30 pm setup.  Two day old moon, and Orion Nebula in great position!

Wednesday Feb 13th, star party event at Walters Junior High School in Fremont.  5:30 pm setup.  First quarter moon, and great Orion Nebula.

Tuesday Mar 5th, star party event at Rodeo Library in Rodeo.  6:00 pm setup.  New moon should allow for a dark sky.

Monday Mar 11th, star party event at San Pablo Library in San Pablo.  6:30 pm setup.  Crescent moon viewing to start.

Wednesday Mar 20th, star party and Science Fair at Glorietta Elementary School in Orinda.  6:30 pm setup, free chow from the food trucks.  Bring filters for the nearly full moon!

Wednesday Apr 10th, star party at Bayview Elementary School in San Pablo.  Early crescent moon viewing!

Tuesday Apr 16th, star party at Hercules Library in Hercules.  7:30 pm setup.  Bright gibbous moon, Beehive Cluster high in the sky.

Wednesday May 8th, star party at Sunol Glen Elementary School in Sunol.  7:30 pm setup.  Early crescent moon viewing.