During the COVID Pandemic, we’ve held our general meetings on Zoom and Facebook. With the permission of our speakers, we have recorded these presentations and made them available on our YouTube channel.

You can visit our YouTube channel at:


Here are the videos posted so far:

EAS Meeting, April 2024, Fluidic Telescopes: Enabling the Next Gen of Large Space Observatories

EAS Meeting, March 2024, Very Small Interplanetary Spacecraft, Dr. Kristofer S.J. Pister, UCB

EAS Meeting, February 2024, The most famous equation: e=mc^2, Tucker Hiatt

EAS Meeting January 2024, Lunar Landing Sites – Past and Future, Dr. Brian Day – NASA Ames

EAS Meeting, Oct 2023, Planets through the Eyes of the Webb Space Telescope, Dr. Sarah E. Moran

EAS Meeting September 2023, Dr. Robert Jedicke, The Peril and Profit of Near Earth Objects; Is Asteroid Mining Profitable and Practical

EAS Meeting August 2023, Richard J. Goodrich, Fear and Loathing in the Heavens: the 1910 Return of Haley’s Comet

EAS Meeting July 2023, Marc Abrahams, This is Improbable, The IG Nobel Prizes

EAS Meeting June 2023, Dr. David Erskine, Interferometry as a means to Enhance Spectroscopy

EAS Meeting May 2023, Dr. Adrienne Cool, Globular Clusters and the Pale Blue Dot

EAS Meeting April 2023, Dr. Andy Rivkin, DART: The Double Asteroid Redirection Test

EAS Meeting March 2023, Dr. Rob Zellum, Inviting Citizen Scientists to Observe Exoplanets

EAS Meeting February 2023, Dr. Neil Comins, What IF the Moon Didn’t Exist

EAS Meeting January 2023, Frank Seminaro, An Introduction to Astrophotography

EAS Meeting November 2022, Dr. Jon Jenkins, How NASA’s Kepler and Tess Missions are Revolutionizing Exoplanet Science

EAS Meeting October 2022, Dr. Xinnan Du, Extraterrestrial Life and Where to Find It

EAS Meeting September 2022, Theodore Tzanetos, Flying a Helicopter on Mars

EAS Meeting August 2022, Dr. Varoujan Gorjian, JPL’s History of Robotic Space Exploration

EAS General Meeting July 2022 – Mike Simons, Astronomical Research Around the World

EAS General Meeting June 2022 – Dwight Lanpher, The Leviathan of Parsontown

EAS General Meeting May 2022 – Dr. Ruslan Belikov, Direct Imaging of Exoplanets

EAS General Meeting April 2022 – Dr. Philip Mansfield, How Galaxies Die

EAS General Meeting March 2022 – Dr. Kimberly Ennico Smith, The NASA Viper Mission / Water on the Moon

EAS General Meeting February 2022 – Don Macholz, Comet Discoverer Extraordinaire

EAS General Meeting January 2022 – Dr. Thomas Greene, NASA Ames, The James Webb Space Telescope

EAS General Meeting November 2021 – David Barosso and Richard Ozer, The Group 70 Large Amateur Telescope Project

EAS General Meeting October 2021 – Dr. Ekta Patel, UCB, Satellite Galaxies in the Local Group

EAS General Meeting September 2021 – Brother Guy Consolmagno – Vatican Observatory – Astronomical Ideas That Were Almost Correct…

EAS General Meeting August 2021 – Jim Erickson – JPL – The Curiosity Rover’s Nine Year Exploration of Mars’ Gale Crater

EAS General Meeting July 2021 – Dr. Marc Rayman – JPL – The Dawn Mission to Ceres and Vesta

EAS General Meeting June 2021 – Dr. Arianna Gleason-Holbrook – Shocking Origin: Meteor Impacts and the Chemistry of Life

EAS General Meeting May 2021, Jessie L. Christiansen, Truth is Stranger than Science Fiction

EAS General Meeting April 2021, Steve Edberg, Observing the Sky: Astronomical Innovation Then to Now, Part 2

EAS General Meeting March 2021, Steve Edberg, Observing the Sky: Astronomical Innovation Then to Now, Part 1

EAS Exoplanet Update with Sujay Nair

EAS General Meeting October 2020, George Leopold, What’s Wrong With the Right Stuff

EAS General Meeting Sept 2020 – Dan Koehler, Yerkes at 125

EAS General Meeting July 2020 – Dr. Elinor Gates, Lick Observatory in the Time of Pandemic

EAS General Meeting May 2020 – Stephen Ramsden, The Nature of Light

EAS General Meeting April 2020 – Dave Rodrigues, Chabot’s Role in the Rescue of Apollo 13

Disco Era Astronomy in the Bay Area

Also, you may find the following to be of interest:

MDAS General Meeting March 2020 – Ben Burress, the History of the Chabot Observatory