Searching the Archive

Did you know that you can search the new EAS document or newsletter archive? All you need is a gmail account to do this.

1) Establish a gmail account if you haven’t done so already.
2) Browse to “” and log in with your account.
3) Now, in another browser tab, open the EAS website, go to the Newsletter page, and click on the “Archive” link. You’ll see two shortcuts, one that says Newsletters and the other that says Archives.
4) Right click on Newsletters (for instance) and select “Add to My Drive”. Now, the Newsletters public folder is part of your Google Drive collection. If you open the “My Drive” menu on the left side of the screen, you’ll see “Newsletters” as an item. This will remain in your list permanently unless you explicitly remove it.
5) Wait about 30 minutes (you don’t have to be logged in). During this time, google will index the new content you have added to your Google Drive.
6) Next time you visit Google Drive, click inside the “Search Drive” box and select “Pdf’s”. Your search will look something like this:


7) Add your search term to the end of the above. For instance, if you want to find articles about Messier objects, search for:

type:pdf Messier

We’re still experimenting with this, but it’s an exciting new capability. If you find something interesting, let us know!